What You Need to Know about Temperature Controlled Logistics

It’s one thing to transport goods like clothing, electronics, liquids, construction items, and more, but it’s another when you transport pharmaceutical products or food. This is where temperature-controlled logistics come in.

This kind of logistics specializes in the storage, transportation, and preservation of cargo that needs to maintain a particular temperature. This cargo is usually sensitive to shifts in atmospheric conditions and so one has to be careful when transporting it.

It’s always best to go for a professional service that offers contract logistics when dealing with temperature-controlled logistics. This guide will show you the important touchpoints in transporting temperature-controlled goods.

Essential Touchpoints

Temperature-controlled logistics are usually sensitive and dynamic when compared to other types of logistics for goods. Thus, one has to understand the touchpoints and sectors involved in the transportation of the product.

The touchpoints depend on the cargo you’re transporting and the method you’re using, but below we have the general touchpoints that one has to consider to keep their cargo undamaged.

The Prior Storage

The contract logistics service will provide a transportation method from the warehouse to the shipper location, and this method will have storage facilities to fit the temperature. But the main point here is to ensure the warehouse that the cargo was previously stored in before being transported offered the same kind of facilities.

The Transportation Stage

You also have to ensure the drugs won’t be compromised on the way from the warehouse to the shipper location. The storage facilities offered by the shipper also have to provide the right temperature-controlled facilities. For instance, some products cannot spend a long time at ambient temperatures, like drugs, and will require walk-in cold storage rooms.

Loading Process

Account for cases of covered storage, delays, and ramp handling when organizing temperature-controlled logistics. For instance, if your product requires constant electrical supply, does the ship, warehouse, or shipper location have the capability to provide this?

During Shipping/Transportation

When the cargo has been loaded to the aircraft or ship, you won’t be able to check on it but you have to ensure all temperature controls and cold storage positioning have been taken care of. This way, it can reach you in good condition.

Best Way to Take Care of Temperature Controlled Logistics

You can either go through the trouble of taking care of the touchpoints yourself or hire a professional who can do this without making any mistakes. Remember that any mistake can damage the cargo because of its temperature sensitivity.

Thus, hire contract logistics services from top professionals like Badami. They offer full-service packages for all sorts of logistics, including temperature-controlled.

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