Other Special Services

Badami Logistics has handled through their associates major project moves across the GCC region especially in IRAQ, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Oman. (Through Road/Ocean and Air) Supervision of cargo and handling, development of methodologies and procedures for the most critical projects in difficult environments. Risk assessment and mitigating the risks efficiently in order to carry out the project with maximum safety and secured condition and delivering accordingly.

Other Supply Chain Solutions

Each organization has its own unique features and challenges. No matter how complex your organization may be, we believe we have the knowledge and engineering tools to offer you a custom build solution designed to fit your supply chain needs. Our associates Quantum Brooks Logistics have established exclusive global agents’ presence across Asia, Europe, Far-east, Americas and Africa we offer you a global logistics network.

Quality Management

You can expect logistics with certified quality from us. Particularly important to us are maintaining and constantly improving our quality and environmental management system as well as sustainable logistics management. We take our responsibility very seriously. You can count on our quality management being one thing above all: certified as excellent!

Environment, Health & Safety

Badami Logistics recognises the management of Health, Safety & the Environment as an integral part of the overall business plan and consequent performance as any failure in this area will negatively impact on Badami Logistics, its employees and the public in large. Badami Logistics is committed to legal compliance and to continually seek cost effective improvements in the Health, Safety and Environmental performance. Safety and environment awareness is one of company’s priorities, where our team of experts are working around the clock to make sure that our staff and the customer’s merchandise are safe, and all our material are environmental friendly and compliant with the authorities.

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