Supply Chain Management

FOR MORE VALUE IN YOUR ENTIRE VALUE CHAIN: Here ‘s what supply chain management means to us: the efficient and effective organization and management of integrated logistics chains along entire value-creation chain. We optimize our processes by applying fixed standards and lean management. Also important is how we break down supply chain management into relevant areas which include project management, process management, IT management, quality management, and technology.


Badami Logistics Distribution operates for multi-client 3rd party warehousing requirements in different locations of United Arab Emirates. We offer flexible warehousing solutions for our clients with short-term or fluctuating space requirements at a variable cost.  Our Warehousing Services allow Customers to expand or contract inventory based on demand, enables Customers to squeeze costs out of their supply chain ladder and maximize profits.  Advantages of 3rd party Warehousing include: the opportunity to consolidate shipments with other customers in the same facility, labor and operating expenses are typically lower because labor can be allocated across customers, and contract terms are more flexible.

Warehousing service activities:

 Product receipt validation

 Product inspection

 Sorting and segregating by SKU part number, model, etc.

 Data collection and reporting

 Put away

 Short term/ Long term – Storage

 Order picking

 Sortation and accumulation

 Consolidation of return product to vendor

 Disposal of unusable product


 Labeling / re-labeling


 Preparation and shipment of usable product back to store

 Unitizing and shipping

 Scheduling – transportation

Order Fulfillment

Badami Logistics understands that Order Accuracy is a given requirement of Order Fulfillment.  Customers expect at a bare minimum to receive the product they ordered. Badami Logistics helps Clients gain marketplace differentiation in the area of Order Fulfillment by employing a keen focus on Customers’ packaging, labeling and delivery requirements.  This allows Clients to focus on sales and the generation of new orders while Badami Logistics meets the needs of the Customer. On-time delivery is a key component of order fulfillment; not only must the order be accurate, shipped with proper packaging and labeling, and arrive undamaged, it must meet the Customer’s delivery requirements.  Our order Fulfillment process involves Systemic communication between teams to ensure that our WMS accurately reflects the Customer’s delivery requirements. Order Fulfillment activities are strategically planned each day with respect to the Customer’s requested delivery schedule, date and time. Customer requirements are gathered in a several different ways.  They may be translated via order notes transmitted from the Client, or relayed to an Account Representative by the Client.  All information received and acquired to ensure Customer Satisfaction is recorded in our WMS as our Operations and Customer Service Teams learn about the Customer’s preferences all the time.

3PL Cost Effectiveness

3rd party warehousing cost effectiveness and maximizing clients’ opportunities:

 Warehousing of inventory with fluctuating space requirements

 Where complex inventory management demands for expertise operational and IT capabilities

 By outsourcing the warehousing activities, clients can concentrate only on the core areas such as Sales, R&D and strategic growth, leaving the monotonous inventory handling to specialists.

  To plan on their working capital in terms of Duties and Taxes can be incurred only at the time of Sale/Delivery of the cargo happens. As we store the cargo within the free trade zone area.

  Badami Logistics operates on behalf of Major distributions companies who are not present in Dubai/ UAE, in catering from Origin pick up, customs cleared in Dubai, de-console/pick/pack/consolidate the orders and dispatch via Air/ Ocean-FCL or LCL, Trucking including cross border by LTL or FTL and upon delivery of the cargo, obtaining the POD from end clients upon which invoices are raised from our principal clients. (including last mile deliveries)

  Seasonal distribution programs and First-time marketplace entry for a new product or region

  Product overflow in existing distribution centers as 4PL

  Supply chains that require multiple distribution points

  For companies who are on asset-light /non-asset owning model, Badami logistics shall deploy necessary assets in catering their logistics, transportation & supply chain requirements on long term contractual terms.

Reverse Logistics

Turn your returns process into an opportunity. When the process is managed effectively you can turn cost into profit and unhappy customers into happy customers. Let Badami Logistics handle your reverse logistics and returns management. Neither retailers nor manufacturers are happy with returns, but unfortunately, they are unavoidable. What’s more, it is vital that these goods flows are also efficient. Together with you, we develop customized returns concepts that ensure a fast process for customers returning goods, rapid reintroduction of goods into the sales cycle, and minimal processing costs. By implementing optimal sorting and re-conditioning processes, we check all returns and evaluate them according to your specifications. And of course, we make your products fit for sale again. This benefits not only your customers, but also you as our customer.


RIGHT STORAGE FOR YOUR REQUIREMENTS: Our customers are our most valuable commodity. And we treat their commodities accordingly…! Depending on product characteristics and shipping volumes, we draw up a warehouse concept that meets their specifications. Regardless of whether they need a high-tech or a low-tech solution, we choose the system that perfectly suits their requirements of storage type, organization, and technology. Whether the requirement for storage and handling of temperature-controlled or hazardous goods, safety concepts for goods at special risks coverage, or certification and quality audits, all shall be adhered and complied by Badami Logistics.

Pick-Pack and Value-Added Services

While choosing a warehousing and distribution partner, one need to be confident that they’ll pick and pack orders on time and with no mistakes to keep the customers satisfied. Badami Logistics’ fast and accurate pick/pack system have been designed for maximum efficiency, arranging customers’ cargo where destined to be on right time. Our streamlined service synchronizes with our WMS to cut out any delays, so our pick and packers can immediately get to work fulfilling the delivery aspect. Customers are notified when orders are received and dispatched from our warehouse. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that all orders are dispatched within stipulated time as per the SLAs and all parcels are checked & validated on Quality and accuracy. Let Badami Logistics take the stress out of running warehousing activities thereby customers can focus on their big picture of Sales & business development.  

IT Enables Services

IT SYSTEMS FOR OPTIMAL SUPPORT OF LOGISTICS PROCESSES: Our WMS is a high-performance warehouse management software for the active control of all processes and material flow as well all available resources in the warehouse. This can be tailored to work within our customers’ existing and future processes. It’s designed to grow alongside of business if and when the requirements change. It is easy to integrate with most leading enterprise resource planning systems (ERP systems) and all major technology platforms. This ensures seamless assimilation with current and future infrastructure, regardless of whether it is in the cloud or on premise. Industry – We know your business. Whether you’re in trading services, food, beverage, automotive, spare parts distribution, manufacturing, or another industry: our WMS offers a variety of industry-specific packages, thereby ensuring that warehouse management system meets all needs of our customers. Our well-designed inventory management WMS software guarantees maximum efficiency in the pick, pack and dispatch of your orders, helping you to save time and money. We keep on top of stock and delivery details with a real-time monitoring system that tracks all the cargo movements in our warehouse. Smooth-running logistics requires the implementation of suitable IT solutions. That’s why we have a robust WMS integrated with ERP software at our locations that is specially adapted to suit customers’ requirements. Included here are both standardized applications and options for customized developments, building EDI with customers’ application, because guaranteeing optimal processes is a top priority for us.

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