At Badami Logistics, we offer a complete range of third-party logistics (3PL) services, fully customized to the individual needs of your business. Our extensive experience in warehousing and distribution, e-commerce fulfilment and other areas mean we can recommend the ideal solutions for every situation. We’ll take the hassle out of storing and distributing your products while saving your COST OF GOOD SOLD at the same time.

At Badami Logistics, we love what we do and pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible. We treat you as a partner, not a client, and we’ll get to know your business and your goals so we can help you achieve them the best we can through efficient, cost-effective solutions.

As your warehousing and distribution partner, we’ll make sure your goods are safely stored and delivered on time and on budget. Our well-designed WMS software streamlined in pick, pack and dispatch of your parcels, which translates into real savings we pass on to you.

All orders are shipped out within 24 hours or as per the SLAs in place, with same day dispatch for orders received before agreed cut-off times. Our location close to the JEBEL ALI PORT and DWC Airfreight Corridor/hubs, means your orders will be on their way as quickly as possible, and our partnerships with transport companies mean we can offer you low rates on local, cross-border or international deliveries.

At Badami Logistics, we won’t burden you with extra services you don’t need. Whether you only want to choose individual components or a complete end-to-end service, we’ll analyze your business and work with you to design your tailored 3rd party logistics solution.

Our approach can adapt to your business’ changing needs as you grow or as market conditions vary. We specialize in multi component picking to make sure even the most complex orders are picked, packed and dispatched in the shortest time possible.

Owning or leasing your own storage space is a major drain on a business’ finances, not to mention other associated costs of warehousing and distribution like purchasing infrastructure (plant, equipment, MHE, racking etc.)equipment and technology, Visa, Insurance, wages and amenities for on-site staff, organizing transport, utility bills and various other fixed overheads.

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