3PL Logistics, Layers Of Logistics

Our warehouse is located at JAFZA, Dubai where we help our clients manage all inventory requirements giving them room to focus more on their businesses.

Badami Logistics is the perfect place for clients who desires to the UAE as the preferred distribution center to explore markets in the Middle East, CIS countries, Africa and Southeast Asia.

There are four major layers of logistics services which are;

First Party logistics (1PL) – Either we deal with favorable cargo owners, which can be the consignee (regards retailers who go-to suppliers for pickup), or shipper (regards manufacturers who deliver cargo to their customers).  They determine the destination (demand) and origin (supply) of the cargo while we determine the distribution of the cargo. Globalization has influenced offshoring and outsourcing of manufacturing activities, which used to be fully an internal business influence the contracting of distribution services. That is where we come in, to take over your distribution services.

Second Party logistics (2PL) – This refers to the carriers who provide transportation services throughout a certain aspect of the transport chain. Such services might include a truck or rail operators, and maritime shipping company hired to tow cargo from a distribution center to its destination, e.g. port terminal.

Third Party Logistics (3PL) – This is where the freight forwarders have shares in an associated transportation sector as well as its physical assets and at the same time providing freight distribution services down the transportation chain. The freight distribution service could include terminal operations, warehousing, transloading and even types of light manufacturing like labeling and packaging. A 3PL, on the other hand, tries managing tasks that relate to physical distribution to enable transportation of parts and finished goods from point of manufacturing to their destination.

Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) – This deals with regular neutral and independent actors like the specialized consulting firms who manage and organize the whole of their customers supply chain strategies. The firms might also be involved in other aspects of the supply chain such as the supplier selection, outsourcing decisions, and routing of cargo.  This involvement is already an agreement with 2PLs and 3PLs.

At Badami Logistics, we offer Third-party logistics to meet your warehousing needs. We handle both big and small company with warehousing needs. In addition, to satisfy you better, we offer both unbound, bound among other 3PL warehousing solution based on your requirements.

With the wide range of logistics services we render, we are also a reliable and committed organization which is what differentiates us from other companies. We have well-equipped warehouses integrated with safest measures and latest technologies to guarantee the delivery of your goods as safe as possible. In addition, we have specialized pick and pack services to provide you with the most cost-effective services in the market.

Badami logistics offers the most reliable service because we don’t compromise quality measures. We guarantee good and effective storage capacity, safety, and reliability. We can help manage your supply chain by;

  • Keeping track of your inventory levels and time
  • Manage your orders and track them
  • Fulfill client orders
  • 24/7 security
  • Warehouses with Huge capacity
  • Warehouses are always monitored
  • Warehouse management system
  • Climate controlled facilities
  • Multiple docking bays
  • Repacking services

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